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Beachwood, OH, USA

Full Time Available | $84k to $109k + Benefits

Job Type

Our client’s goal is to restore lives, helping patients regain their independence so they can return home. Our 50-bed, state-of-the-art acute inpatient rehabilitation hospital is dedicated to the treatment and recovery of individuals who have experienced a variety of conditions.

Directs financial activities of the organization. Establishes, or recommends to management, major economic objectives and policies for the company. Prepares reports which summarize and forecast company business activity and financial position in areas of income, expenses, and earnings based on past, present, and expected operations. Responsible for preparation of annual hospital budget. Advises management on desirable operational adjustments due to budget constraints and changes in hospital reimbursement. Supervises the preparation of schedules and other documentation for audits of the company’s accounts.

Job Description:

♦ Directs and participates in the development of accounting and internal control policies and systems.

♦ Coordinates and controls the facility’s cash and investment management activities.

♦ Provides advice and assistance to department heads and managers in analyzing and interpreting financial data and reports and in presenting that information to their departments.

♦ Defines and communicates new/revised position responsibilities and/or reporting relationships and determines necessary staffing changes.

♦ Ensures that accurate information is provided on a timely basis and assists, as needed, in facilitating the efficient conduct of external audits, examinations, and related financial projects.

♦ Ensures that a monthly time schedule is established for the processing of computer reports necessary for the preparation of monthly financial statements; implements corrective action as necessary to meet established deadlines.

♦ Consistently develops a detailed plan of action prior to implementation of a new procedure.

♦ Regularly examines alternative methods of providing required accounting services in order to reduce departmental operating costs.

♦ Promotes good staffing practices by maximizing the utilization of human resources; forecasts and anticipates the personnel needs of the department with regard to fluctuations in the projected workload; holds staffing at a functional minimum.

♦ Consistently demonstrates the ability to establish appropriate departmental priorities.

♦ Consistently completes all assignments in a timely manner, thorough and appropriately detailed.

♦ Demonstrates effectiveness in pulling together all the necessary information needed to compare revenue and expenses and determine the facility’s actual financial position.

♦ Effectively maintains all required records for the department; demonstrates good organizational skills.

♦ Monitors the implementation of checks and balances which continually evaluate accounting practices, reporting procedures, and record-keeping.

♦ Other duties as assigned.



♦ Dental, Medical, Vision & Life Insurance

♦ Retirement Plan

♦ Paid Time off

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