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Nursing Home Administrator

Chelsea, MA, USA

Full Time Available | Up to $135k + Benefits

Job Type

Job Title: Administrator


My client is seeking an Administrator that will assume total responsibility for the deliverance of quality resident care through the development and management of facility personnel, fiscal resources, quality resident care, and a safe hazard-free environment for residents and staff. She/he organizes, directs, supervises, and administers policy in accordance with the mission statement, policies, and procedures of the facility.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Maintains open lines of communication with residents, families, significant others, and staff.

  • The Administrator is responsible for all Human resources matters.

  • Provides support and encouragement. Corrective actions, as necessary.

  • Assures that adequate personnel is hired according to qualifications and area of expertise.

  • Assures the onboarding process for all new employees and receives ongoing in-service education.

  • Performs yearly written evaluations on all department managers.

  • The Administrator assures total responsibility for the management of the facility's fiscal budget.

  • Develops facility yearly budget and submits it to the Director of Operations in a timely manner.

  • Adheres to facility budget and submits monthly budgetary analysis to the Director of Operations.

  • Provides the Director of Operations with all necessary information and documentation related to budgetary issues.

  • Oversees department managers’ adherence to monthly budget figures.

  • The Administrator establishes written policies and procedures governing physicians and consultant services within the facility.

  • Assures compliance with State, Federal and Local laws and statutes governing physicians and consultant services within a Long-Term Care Facility.

  • Sustain all procedures align with Jhaco and regulatory policies

  • Establishes an effective relationship with residents, family members, significant others, staff, physicians, and related community health care agencies

  • Attend and Support Quality Assurance, facility, Safety, and infection control committees, and their findings

  • Promotes staff awareness regarding accidents/injuries and hazardous conditions

  • Address and process all safety and environmental issues

  • Maintain a safe environment for all residents, visitors, and staff of the entire facility.

  • Oversee all marketing efforts.



B.S. or equivalent degree in the healthcare industry

Three years or more of experience as a Nursing home administrator

Fully Vaccination required

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