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Psychiatric Social Worker

Brockton, MA, USA

Full Time Available | $79k to $89k + Benefits

Job Type

The Clinical Social Worker on the psychiatric inpatient units performs psychosocial assessments during Intake, which are incorporated into a multi-interdisciplinary treatment planning process. The Clinical Social Worker acts as a liaison between patients, the patient care team, and their community-based supports by coordinating inpatient care and outpatient follow-up. Duties also include, but are not limited to, utilization review, treatment/transitional/discharge planning, education, care management, coaching, and advocacy for the patient and their family members. The position consults with, collaborates, and communicates with a wide range of social, governmental, and legal agencies, courts, schools, clinics, other hospitals, physicians, and other sources in the overall care of the patient.


  • Assesses patient and family to ascertain those emotional and social problems. Utilizes the department's psychosocial assessment tool as a guideline.

  • Identifies those issues which must be addressed during the patient's care, and formulates a treatment plan upon initial intake and at intervals throughout the patient's inpatient admission.

  • Monitors and communicates patients' progress throughout the course of inpatient treatment and communicates with the appropriately managed care organizations to obtain authorization for the inpatient stay and outpatient follow-up services.

  • Reports any and all suspected cases of abuse and neglect and follows up to ensure the patient receives timely comprehensive consultations and compliance with legal mandates.

  • Identifies the need to involve the patient's family through the initial assessment process and attempts contact on the same day, if indicated.

  • Consults and collaborates with healthcare team members to ensure that patients' emotional and social needs are addressed.

  • Ensures that inpatient and family remain apprised, involved, supported, and treated through prescribed clinical relationship through at least weekly contacts and whenever a change in care or plan requires more contact.

  • Utilizes Social Work technique and theory to assist patients and families in coping with illness or social problems to achieve improved functioning and emotional state in collaboration with Psychology.

  • Assists patients in securing outpatient services as soon as patient permits and completes within two sessions.

  • Maintains patient confidentiality according to hospital policy. Practices professional discretion when determining the inclusion of any patient information into medical records or department clinical record notes.

  • Notes in the medical records the exclusion of critical patient information and its availability.

  • Documents each patient encounter in the medical record or the Department's clinical record concurrently according to Department policies. Specifically, documents ongoing treatment work in the Department clinic records. Each recording shall include the date, time, title, and signature.

  • Provides clinical supervision to other department personnel, as assigned.

  • Complies with departmental, regulatory, and professional requirements for documentation recording, and data collection.

  • Submits department statistics and other records and reports within required time frames.

  • Maintains competency in areas of responsibility to ensure quality care.

  • Attends scheduled staff meetings and in-service education program offerings with punctuality and consistency.

  • Obtains continuing education units necessary to maintain licensure.

  • Assists management in the operation of a quality department by participating in department programs and complying with department policies and procedures.

  • Supports graduate and undergraduate training programs by supervising MSW and BSW students (per assignment).

  • Contributes to a culture of teamwork by identifying areas for operational improvements.

  • Works diligently on department committees, per supervisor's appointments.

  • Represents department throughout the hospital and outside community regarding department's practice and field of social work.

  • Regularly maintain work area and equipment in a neat and orderly manner; assists in the cleaning and organizing of department on own initiative and reports any malfunctioning equipment as observed by supervisor.

  • Maintains a complete understanding of inpatient psychiatric hospital procedures.

  • Conforms to hospital standards of conduct, including those pertaining to patient rights, so that the best possible customer service and patient care may be provided.

  • Notifies supervisor when patients in an age group not regularly served are present and seeks assistance from individuals with the knowledge of the specialized needs of such patient age groups.



  • Performs other duties as needed.

  • Utilizes the hospital's behavioral standards as the basis for decision-making and facilitates the hospital's mission.

  • Follows established hospital infection control and safety procedures.



Requires a Master's Degree from an accredited school of Social Work.


Requires a Massachusetts Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker


Requires a level of knowledge of the Social Work process and community resources and agencies in relation to health, illness, and disability, generally acquired through one to two years of on-the-job training.



  • Knowledge of community resources and agencies that serve children and families.

  • Advanced interpersonal skills are necessary to interact effectively with various healthcare professionals, develop and maintain effective therapeutic relationships with patients and families, and supervise graduate students.

  • Must be comfortable in a fast-paced and dynamic work environment (sense of humor is valued).

  • Ability to work in an interdisciplinary team.

  • Cultural sensitivity and comfort with a wide range of racial and ethnic populations. Bicultural/Bilingual competency is a plus.

  • Computer literacy with the ability to use standard word processing, spreadsheet programs, e-mail (i.e. MS Word, Excel, Outlook), and web browsers.


SPECIAL WORKING CONDITIONS (Responsible for on-call, 24 hr. coverage, etc.):
Some evening and weekend hour coverage are required.

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