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Service Technician / Lead Assembler

Beverly, MA, USA

Full Time Available | $60k to $65k DOE + Benefits

Job Type

General Responsibilities:

Assemble and Recondition machinery of various types at ASM facility as well as install, repair, maintain, inspect, service, and monitor assigned machinery or products primarily located in customer’s factories. Maintain liaison between customer and company.


Specific Responsibilities:
• Train on new machines and products promoted by ASM. Assist in the evaluation of these new products.
• Install products in a manner that fulfills customers’ needs and is advantageous to the company.
• Implement installation plans to demonstrate, maintain and improve the desirability of the product.
• Monitor results of an installation and be able to foresee problem areas developing. Help formulate plans to eliminate these problems before they develop or help formulate plans to adjust to the problem areas with minimum disruption.
• Troubleshoots and resolve machine or product problems related to mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, or others.
• Monitor product performance, service, and quality to ensure maximum performance. Promptly and properly report all adverse conditions affecting the product, its use, or performance.
• Be responsive to conditions both external and internally through which the attractiveness of the product can be improved.
• Function as a conduit through which product knowledge can be transmitted to the customer and company personnel to perpetuate the proper use of the product.
• Train other company personnel, as required, for technical service and product application in the field.
• Through scrutiny evaluate all factors influenced by the use of the product to prevent unforeseen circumstances which could be detrimental to the product or its acceptance.

• Document in writing, for proper follow-up and general information, the factors that will influence the satisfactory use of the product and those that will influence its acceptance.
Regularly prepare and complete reports covering all work performed.

• Travel required – domestic and international.

• Train other ASM personnel on technical operations and features of new products.

a. Disassembly of used machines.

b. Reconditioning of used parts by cleaning in solvent tanks, cleaning in glass blast machine, and/or cleaning on buffing and grinding wheels.

c. Assembly or reconditioned or new parts to complete the machine to the customer’s specification.

d. Wiring and assembly of electrical or electronic units to meet customer electrical service specifications.

e. Piping of pneumatic and hydraulic systems to provide proper machine function.

f. Run-in, debug, and test machine (with shoes when appropriate) to be sure machine is functioning properly to customer’s specifications.

g. When necessary, operate a forklift truck (once trained) to lift or move machine parts.


Associates Degree in Engineering, or an accredited Technical School. Mechanical Electrical


Must have good knowledge of mechanics, electricity, electronics, hydraulics, and pneumatics.
Must be able to read and understand the schematics for each and use them to troubleshoot complex machine problems. Must be computer literate as many new machines are controlled by computers.

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