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Preschool Teacher

Swampscott, MA, USA

Full Time Available | $18/hr to $23/hr DOE + Benefits

Job Type

Our client is seeking a Preschool Teacher responsible for planning, organizing, introducing, and accomplishing a program of childcare, child guidance, child instruction, and child evaluation. This position is also responsible for working with parents and their children as well as with the state and local agencies having control over such operations. This position meets staff qualifications and personnel procedures under Commonwealth of Massachusetts regulations entitled Regulation Filing and Publication 102 CMR 7.00 Standards for Licensure & Approval of Group Day Care & School Age Care Programs under the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 30A, Section 6, and Chapter 233, Section 75, dated 7/24/99, which are incorporated herein by reference. All duties and responsibilities shall be carried out in a manner consistent with the philosophy of the company.



Diploma in Early Childhood Education or currently enrolled in an EEC Degree program

Current CPR and First Aid Certification

PQR documentation in accordance with EEC licensing requirements


Other Skills/Abilities

· Excellent interpersonal skills with parents, community members

· Calming and nurturing demeanor

· An understanding of the current issues that affect children and their families

· Ability to understand and follow directions

· Mature and responsible attitude towards work

· Willingness to work flexible and extended hours as needed


Duties & Responsibilities

1. General Activities

· Plan, carry out, and assess developmentally appropriate activities and experiences in harmony with the center’s philosophy.

· Provide a daily balance of active/quiet, indoor/outdoor, and individual/group activities.

· Establish and carry out a daily activity schedule that incorporates child-directed activity, care routines, and transition times.

· Remain in ratios in accordance with the EEC Licensing Regulations for Infant/Toddler/Preschool classrooms.

· When applicable move oneself or the co-teacher to another classroom to maintain ratios.

· Able to keep accurate attendance and child headcounts at all times.

· Organize space, equipment, and materials before activities during appropriate times when children are not present such as rest time or before the end of your shift while in a ratio.

· Sit with children while eating and participate on the children’s level during instruction and enrichment.

· Establish daily eating routines that are fun for children.

· Assist children in expressing themselves by listening and responding with questions or comments that extend conversations.

· Use a variety of teaching techniques including modeling, observing, questioning, demonstrating, and reinforcing.

· Plan and carry out experiences that foster an understanding of a variety of cultures and value systems.

· Plan and carry out activities that encourage problem-solving.

· Provide experiences and play materials that actively promote diversity and acceptance in interactions and attitudes under the direction of the teacher/lead teacher.

· Participate in short- and long-term planning and evaluation and staff program reviews.

· Learn and use the activities and skills provided to assist children in developing the necessary coping skills for addressing unique life issues.

2. Individualize the curriculum

· Observe how children use materials and interact with each other and adults.

· Use observations to expand play and plan activities that recognize individual differences.

· Set goals for/with children.

· Initiate referrals or additional services for parents and children while overseen by the director.

· Maintain a knowledge and understanding of the services available for referral to parents.

3. Ensure guidance of children’s behavior that encourages positive self-concept

· Set reasonable behavior expectations consistent with the center’s philosophy and policies.

· Provide positive guidelines such as redirecting, positive language, and positive reinforcement.

· Immediately address problem behavior without labeling the child.

· Follow behavior guidance and policies established by the center and consistent with accepted practice in the field.

4. Ensure the child’s environment is healthy and safe

· Able to make clear and rational decisions in the best interest of the children.

· Follow the EEC and company procedures for administering medications and all applicable safety measures.

· Report all accidents, injuries, and illnesses to the administration (record such incidents by completing an injury report and obtaining the appropriate signatures if EEC Certified).

· Monitor the environment for hazards indoors and out.

· Update self-daily on children’s allergies and other special conditions.

· Attend to children’s physical needs for toileting, diapering, eating, and sleeping as promptly as possible.

· Follow all rules for diapering and bathroom use, including proper handwashing and use of gloves.

· Follow proper sanitation guidelines in accordance with EEC Regulations.

· Report all incidents of child abuse to the supervisor and follow center procedure and government regulations.

· Release children only to authorized persons, and card unknown adults at pick-up and check the authorized pick-up list.

5. Ensure positive communication with parents

· Plan for parent conferences if requested or necessary.

· Discuss the program’s daily events and the child’s daily progress with parents.

· Accommodate the parent’s instructions for daily routines when possible within group routines.

· Encourage parents to participate whenever possible.

· Able to build trust and positive relationships with families in the program.

6. Contribute to the ongoing operations of the center

· Follow licensing requirements per EEC regulations, policies, and technical assistance.

· Believes in and practices the mission, and goals of the program.

· Carry out the responsibilities assigned to you in a timely fashion.

· Ability to work cooperatively as a member of the childcare team, facilitating a team environment through personal behavior, work contributions, and the sharing of expertise and knowledge.

· Participates in the development of new ideas and methods for program enhancement and can adjust and adapt to changes.

· Maintains a constant awareness of the “client” and exhibits recognition and appreciation of their needs with the ability to achieve results with positive outcomes for families accessing the program.

· Ability to be energetic, resilient, and maintains a sense of humor when personal resources are challenged.

· Effective interpersonal skills under all types of conditions, exhibiting a supportive, positive approach.

· Attend regular staff meetings.

· Follow rules and procedures as outlined by the client.

· Arrive for and end your shift within 5 minutes of your scheduled hours and clock in at your scheduled time unless given authorized over time by an administrator.

7. Maintain confidentiality of all information related to the center’s children, their parents, and staff

· Keep all children's information confidential.

· Participate in the annual performance review process.

· Plan and carry out annual personal development independently.

· Continuing personal and professional development in related areas that are relevant to our program.

· Maintain regular attendance and punctuality.

8. Promote the center within the community

· Actively participate in staff activities whenever possible.

· Maintain a positive working relationship with other staff and personnel who work within the building.


Working Conditions

· Planned Indoor and outdoor activities including daily enrichment (preschool).

· Standing, bending, crouching, some lifting.

· Ability to lift 55 lbs.

· Ability to travel up and down two flights of stairs multiple times per day while assisting children.

· Ability to work with certain environmental conditions such as noise levels or odors.

· Hourly wages as agreed upon by Director and Business Manager.

· Wage dependent on qualifications/experience/job performance.

· Hours of work will fluctuate but will remain 35-40 hours if hired as a full time.

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