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We put the interests of our clients and candidates first in everything we do, leading to countless successful employment matches. We are always eager to include new clients as a part of our growth and success. Reach out to a member of our team to let us know what you are looking for.

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Industries we service

> Education

> Information Technology

> Healthcare

> Financial Services

> Executive Levels

& more...

> Administration  

> Legal

> Manufacturing

> Warehouse & Supply Chain

> Biotech/Pharma

> Food Production

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Temporary Staffing Services

Whether you have a need for short- or long-term assignments, we have the resources available to provide you with skilled temporary help, at a moment's notice.

At Jack Mena Recruit Inc. we tap into the local community and extract talented people that can provide the performance required for all short- and long-term assignments. We stand out because we build strong relationships with all communities and strive not to be perfect, but just get it done.


We have the experience and know-how to fill jobs across industries and job categories including Legal, Administration, Accounting & Finance, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, and Technology.


Jack Mena Recruit Inc has an extensive database of Temporary Staffing Representatives ready to be deployed immediately. Don't let your business and productivity slow down when it doesn't need to!

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Advantages of Temporary Services

> Matching of target candidates and jobs
> Internal payroll distribution and processing
> Thorough candidate vetting
> Comprehensive testing and skill evaluation
> Performance assurance
> Seasoned personnel consultants
> Individualized Service
> Quickest fill time

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Medical Consultation

Direct Hire Services

At Jack Mena Recruit Inc. we base our
success on your 100% satisfaction with our candidates. Our pre-selection process guarantees that we always provide clients with candidates who, not only match the technical criteria and experience to perform the duties of the job but also fit into your unique corporate culture.


Prior to presenting resumes, each candidate is required to have a face-to-face interview with an experienced Staffing Consultant. The interview assessment focuses on a candidate's skill set, qualifications, and experience, as well as on soft skills such as attitude, work ethic, and personality traits. This in-depth process, which includes reference checks, ensures you receive the best solution to your specific staffing need.

Direct Hire Performance Guarantee

We strive to ensure your complete satisfaction and limit your hiring risk by offering our “no questions asked” 90 calendar day prorated performance guarantee.

> 0-30 Calendar Days -
  100% Performance Guarantee

> 31-60 Calendar Days –
  66.6% Performance Guarantee

> 61-90 Calendar Days –
   33.3% Performance Guarantee


Advantages of Direct Hire

> Proper matching of candidates and jobs
> Thorough candidate vetting
> A complete examination and talent evaluation
> Checking references before the interview
> Performance assurance
> Seasoned personnel consultants
> Individualized service
> Dependable service speed

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Payroll Service

Simplify your payroll processing and ensure smooth business growth with Jack Mena Recruit Inc. We specialize in streamlining payroll operations to save you time and effort.

Do you have upcoming projects with strict deadlines? Are you in need of additional staff to meet the challenge but prefer not to add them to your payroll? Perhaps you'd like to assess a potential employee without the commitment of adding them permanently? Consider adding them to our payroll!

Embarking on a new project can be demanding, especially when you face limitations in terms of budget and formal hiring. We understand these constraints.

Jack Mena Recruit Inc. boasts a proven track record of successfully managing payroll for single individuals, small groups, or even large teams involved in your project. Whether your requirements are limited to one state or span across all 50 states, we adhere to each state's regulations and employ our state-of-the-art customizable payroll software to provide tailored solutions that cater to your specific needs.

Why Choose Jack Mena Recruit Inc.'s Payroll Service?

  • Effortless and worry-free payroll processing.

  • Customized services designed to meet your unique requirements.

  • Assistance in controlling unemployment, benefit, and payroll processing costs.

  • Nationwide availability of our payroll services.

  • Dedicated point of contact for prompt responses to all your inquiries.

  • Get in touch today to request more information and discover how we can simplify your payroll process, eliminating the hassle for you.


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